We Are Sisu

Originating from the Finnish word sisu, meaning strength, endurance and determination, sisu production offers high-end documentary filmmaking services. Whether short or feature length, sisu production’s documentaries delve deeper with empirical evidence and discovery at the very heart of what they do. Attention to detail is something sisu production prides itself on.


Robin Ingle

Executive Producer

As Chairman of the Ingle Group of Companies, Robin is the go-to guy for emergency assistance, health care, special risk, and travel insurance information. He also has a background in security and martial arts. At sisu, Robin steps into the role of executive producer, giving him the opportunity to nourish his creative side.

Jaana Hein


Jaana was educated in Vienna and New York, subsequently travelling the globe for the better part of a decade. Having worked as producer in various parts of the world, she has cultivated invaluable storytelling, creative branding, and on-set production skills. Jaana is a two-time Muay Thai world champion.